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Cynthia Gurrola:

Scholarships available to Holy Cross have made it 

possible for my four children to attend Catholic schools throughout their education. My children are 

currently attending, or have graduated from,

Holy Cross  School.  My oldest is a graduate of 

St.Teresa’s Academy and currently enrolled in college. My second oldest is graduating from Notre Dame de 

Sion this year and will be attending MU on a scholarship as well. Because of the scholarships, my children are able to think ahead past graduating high school 

'and look forward to college  and a brighter future for themselves. 

Current Parents thoughts on Holy Cross

Graciela Cabrera

My family has been a part of the Holy Cross Catholic School family since 2009. My oldest son who is a college freshman and my son who is a high school junior both graduated from Holy Cross. My daughter (7th grade), son (5th grade) and youngest son (4th grade), all attend Holy Cross. Holy Cross goes beyond the standards of reading, writing and math; it is an education that takes into consideration the whole development of a child.

Holy Cross is continually striving to update the school facilities. We have the latest technology in the classroom that allows our students to learn the latest education curriculums. Recently we obtained a state of the art heating and cooling system that makes learning, in any weather, possible. Thus decreasing the amount of days lost due to weather.

Parental involvement is what sets Holy Cross apart from other schools. We meet other parents in kindergarten and a friendship is forged that continues till graduation and beyond. We work together so that our children get the best education possible both in and out of the classroom.

As each year passes, our principal, Mrs. Deane works to get more after school activities and enrichment programs that will help our children. Our children love sports, and Holy Cross has partnered with local organizations and programs to bring a variety of sports to our kids.

My children love going to school, feel trust in their teachers, enjoy being with classmates in and out of school, and genuinely feel loved by the entire faculty and staff Holy Cross. As a parent, I am grateful for the dedication that all the teachers give my children. I would recommend Holy Cross Catholic School as a place where any child the best education ever.

Bryan and Christian Stalder:


Our family has traditionally sent our children to public schools, but we had a questionable experience with our nephew’s Kindergarten year at our neighborhood public school. It took some persuading, but my wife eventually convinced me that we should give Holy Cross a chance. When we did, we saw significant improvements almost immediately. This ultimately led to us enrolling our youngest son in Holy Cross as well.

Our nephew’s public school classroom had nearly 30 students while his classroom at Holy Cross had around 15. This allowed his teacher to spend more time working with him on subjects where he was struggling. Additionally, the school encouraged participation in soccer and basketball programs, which built camaraderie among classmates, creating stronger friendships and more opportunities for parents to get to know one another.


Take the Stage/Owens-Cox Dance, a local professional dance company, is currently working with the school to choreograph a performance, and we look forward to that event at the end of the school year. The Upper Room program has made it easier for our family to work and raise a family by providing activities for our kids at the end of the school day. The Title 1 program has given my nephew additional assistance he has needed in subjects where he was struggling. The school was able to provide a counselor when my nephew’s experience in the foster care system was being reflected in his classroom behavior, and we saw him work through difficult struggles; a small miracle! I’d also like to mention that a speech therapist worked with our son on his pronunciation of words.

Holy Cross has become like an extended family to us, and it has been surprisingly more affordable than I originally anticipated. Further, I originally believed that attending Catholic School would mean sacrificing diversity, but I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the diversity at Holy Cross reflects that which can be found in the community. All of the reservations I may have had about private or parochial school were quelled by our experiences at Holy Cross.

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